Four years ago we were hearing about Michael Phelps' crazy Olympic diet including over 12,000 calories and pancakes for days. Not quite the case this time around.

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian alive and currently holds 23 gold medals. He says he's retiring, but who knows, maybe he'll come back in four years and add to that number.

In previous years, we've heard that Michael trained so hard that he needed over 12,000 calories a day to stay in shape. 12,000! That's like six days for a normal person.

This year when he trained he took that number back to a more reasonable number, and swapped those stacks of pancakes for omelets and sub sandwiches.

According to Business Insider, Michael ate much less when he was preparing for Rio than he used to, but also trained less often. He's getting old guys!

Just kidding, Michael you are not old, but we get it, you've been doing this for awhile. Congrats on all the golds!

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