Tired of looking outside and seeing nothing but snow? Same.

I think we've all reached that point where we've seen the snow, it was pretty for like a day, but now we miss seeing grass. I don't think we're going to see that green stuff for a while. It seems like the snow just keeps coming.

You could go out and take a drive, but what will you see? More snow. Now just any snow though, the nasty road snow that's basically grey/black. So if you're sick of your home view, and driving around Rockford isn't really an option, what's a Midwesterner to do? Well, just like we did in 2020 - we go virtual.

I found out about this website from TikTok. AKA the same place I've found everything else amazing during the pandemic. So it's a website that allows you to virtually drive around different cities. It's the perfect mini escape from looking our your window all day.

@hastimostofiEveryone needs to try this #fyp #driveandlisten #lockdown #Bossit2021♬ motive x promiscuous - levi’s luvr

ISN'T THAT GENIUS??? I wish I would've found this earlier. But I guess it came at the perfect time since it's cold and snowy out and going out to drive isn't really ideal.

So the actual site is called "Drive & Listen" and the list of cities they offer is pretty expansive. You can also listen to the radio while you're driving. You can choose how fast you want to go, and you can switch between cities as you please.

Next time you feel stuck inside, take a virtual drive.

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