Can we officially say it's Spring yet? The calendar may say yes, but sometimes Illinois weather says NOPE.

I think we're finally safe from the snow. So that means it's time to put the winter clothes back in the closet and break out the sandals and shorts. It's also time to switch your coffee order from hot to iced.

Personally, I drink iced coffee drinks year round. But I know most people love their hot drinks for winter, and their iced for spring and summer. I found the perfect Starbucks secret menu drink to get you in the mood for spring and summer.



The taste of warm weather. Are you craving that flavor yet?

Here's how to order it off the Starbucks secret menu (this one requires a little more effort than just asking for some special requests, so I suggest not ordering this when they're super busy) -

  1. For this one, you'll start by ordering a Tall Vanilla Bean Frappuccino in a Venti cup. This way, your drink will have enough space for all of the add-ons.
  2. Then, you'll want to buy an orange juice from the grab-and-go section of your Starbucks and ask the barista to fill up the cup with juice to the third line.
  3. After that, you'll pour the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino on top of the juice and you'll want to finish it off with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam and whipped cream.

Be sure to grab an OJ from their fridge section, don't plan on bringing your own because they aren't allowed to use that.

Happy sipping!


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