Oh Six Flags, is there anything better than some roller coasters and a funnel cake on a hot Summer day? I think not. Just in time for coaster weather, a list has been released of the best coaster and thrill ride in every state.

So which coaster is the crown jewel of Illinois?

Six Flags very own - Goliath!

The drop of Goliath at Six Flags Great America runs 180 feet and continues underground. The 72 miles per hour reached on this wooden coaster creates plenty of speed, along with an inverted zero-G stall, banked turns, and a tunnel that keeps what was once a world-record-holding wooden roller coaster still in the game.

Have you taken the plunge on Goliath? It's definitely worth going on during your next Six Flags trip. I mean, it's the best in the state after all!

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