I'll never forget the first year my boyfriend skipped out on the whole flower thing and got me something even better. He got me two cases of Oreos. Which most girls might be insulted, I however was so excited. I have never been that girl who wants flowers, I would much rather have cookies. Or any type of food for that matter.

So move over roses because donut bouquets are the latest and greatest v-day gift. Check it out - 

Credit Harry & David Via Bustle

These adorably delicious bouquets will cost you $50 and you can find them on Harry & Davids website. Bustle gave us all the donut details -

Arriving wrapped in pink paper and a golden bow, the bouquet consists of 10 miniature cake doughnuts (sorry, yeasted doughnut fans), each covered in chocolate and mounted on a stick. Among the assortment are one pink-tinted, white chocolate-covered doughnut adorned with a white drizzle; two white chocolate-covered doughnuts, one of which is finished off with a pink drizzle, while the other has a dusting of mini heart sprinkles; four milk chocolate-covered doughnuts, two with a pink drizzle and two with mini heart sprinkles; and three dark chocolate-covered doughnuts, two of which have pink drizzles and one of which has mini heart sprinkles.

Here's to a Valentine's filled with circles of joy!

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