The Rockford area is blessed with so many creative and talented restaurant and bar crews. Take a look at what some have created, so we can dine safely.

For those that are comfortable going out to enjoy a meal, you won't have difficulty finding a favorite with a comfortable, fun and safe spot outside. Parking lots, alleys, balconies and decks. Even those places you may never have known had a space outside.

The old English-language proverb rings true, again.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Here are six Rockford area joints that have created some special places. Pick one and go out to eat. Even if you're not comfortable with eating AT a restaurant yet, they all are still doing curbside (and some deliver, too).

Green Fire Restaurant Bar & Bakery at 6795 E. Riverside Blvd

Aww Shucks BBQ 515 E. State (in the alley)

RBI's Bar & Restaurant 3870 N. Perryville Rd

Lucha Cantina 1641 N. Alpine Rd.

Fozzy's Bar & Grill 6246 E. Riverside Blvd.

Abreo Restaurant 515 E. State St.

Stay safe and enjoy yourself! And, if you head out to a place that created a really cool outdoor space, take some photos, and share them with me. Submit your photos through the 97ZOK mobile app.

Some of Rockford’s Coolest Covid-Friendly Outdoor Dining Spots

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