Molten chocolate frappuccinos were a delicious addition to the Starbucks menu over Valentine's Day, these new drinks though? Not so much.

Starbucks has two new drinks, that look super thick and not very appetizing, at least to me.

The drinks are a smoke butterscotch latte and a citrus green tea latte. The drinks comes in hot and cold, and are super strong looking.

Smoked butterscotch? Does that sound burnt to anyone else?

Starbucks describes that latte as: Starbucks new Smoked Butterscotch Latte combines espresso with steamed milk and smoked butterscotch sauce, finished with a sprinkling of smoky butterscotch topping, perfectly crafted to give Starbucks customers new and sophisticated flavors, inspired by the Roastery. 

The green tea latte, which I want to be apple martini flavored, is described as:Teavana Citrus Green Tea Latte is made with shade-grown, micro-ground full leaf green tea and steamed milk, sweetened with citrus mint syrup, and finished with lemon essence topping. 

Would you want one of these?