This is just the kind of good news our real 'best' friends needed. They've been such a source of joy through the pandemic. They deserve the best.

In a move that seems really long overdue, Ben & Jerry's is now making desserts for our fur babies. Every dog owner knows that whatever gets a human's tongue wagging, is exactly what our pups want. Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors have pulled us through so many difficult times in life, maybe too many to count. Can you remember the last time your dog wasn't right there where you needed them to be the most? You can't. Just like that pint (and that spoon).

Coming this month from Vermont-based Ben & Jerry's, to grocery and pet stores everywhere, Doggie Desserts.

Hitting the market first are two flavors named after Ben & Jerry's employees’ pets:

Pontch’s Mix Peanut butter with a pretzel swirl

Rosie’s Batch Mix of pumpkin and mini cookies

Another interesting fact about Ben & Jerry's Doggie Desserts; they're made of ingredients already used in their ice creams. The dog treats are made with sunflower butter instead of dairy, which is easier on a your pup's belly.

They will sell individually as 4-ounce mini cups or in four-packs for a suggested price of $2.99 and $4.99, according to And, we're hearing they will be placed near the popsicles in grocery store frozen food aisles, not too far from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.


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