As the pandemic reaches the year-long mark, we've all had to learn new ways to things. One of those is how to flirt with half your face covered.

When switching your flirt game on, your eyes do most of the heavy-lifting, which is helpful when you have on your protective face covering. The big difference during the pandemic is that now your eyes must do ALL the work.

Your eyes are the window to your soul, but without a few other visuals, the object of your flirt game might not catch your signal. If you don't already have a good 'eye game', what we're about to share with you may wind up just making you look a bit ridiculous. You may want to have your most honest friend present when working on sending out the right vibes with just your eyes. This is not the time you want somebody just telling what you want to hear.

Jean Smith, a flirt expert, assembled a list of 12 tips on how to use your eyes, and only your eyes, to flirt with your mask on. While Steve Shannon narrates, Producer MJ puts on her mask, and together we try to demonstrate all twelve of the eye techniques.

Here's the list of techniques, the video demonstration is below.

1. The Mona Lisa smile (this one is creepy)

2. The side glance (this one is solid)

3. Big pupils (MJ just looked a little nuts)

4. Baby doll eyes (meh)

5. Intense eyes (seemed like something way different than flirting)

6. The clear eye contact (solid)

7. The up and down (everybody knows what this look means. Lol)

8. The eyebrow raise (this works well if you can raise just one)

9. The count to three (this seemed like staring for too long)

10. The look away and look back (think Carrie from Sex and the City)

11. The wink (NEVER WINK)

12. Three is the magic number look (this seemed a bit much, so practice)


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