When it comes to eating an Oreo cookie, there's no chill. At least not for us. That's why we're done waiting for more new Oreo flavors.

Nabisco just announced a brand new Oreo flavor is on the way. It's tiramisuThat's some good news. But, there is bad news. The new Oreo cookie flavor is coming until April.

Yeah. That's not okay. We're not waiting 4 months to try that cookie, so....

One call to Giovanni's for some of their tiramisu and one small package of double stuff Oreos, and our own specially-flavored Oreo cookie.

MJ may have overdone it a bit with the stuffing of the cookie.

And since we have zero chill when it comes to Oreos, we will be making more of our own special flavors.

Do you have an idea of what we should try? Maybe you'd like to dare us to eat something? If you'd like to suggest something, download our mobile app and then send us a DM.

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