Sometimes it's the most unexpected food combinations that are the most delicious.

Now, before you go saying, "EW, WHAT?" Let's just hold our horses. I firmly believe in the phrase don't knock something until you try it. That's how I felt after seeing this Tik Tok.

So after I saw this I knew I needed to try it. But here in Rockford, you don't just use any cheese curds, you get the best of the best. So we called up Prairie Street and told them about this crazy video we saw. Turns out it's not that crazy, they actually served similar curds during the pandemic. Their version of the dish was called Elephant Ear curds and they look so good.

YUM. They said hold my beer were taking this Tik Tok trend to the next level. I wanted to test the waters and see what our listener family members on Facebook thought of the combo. Results were pretty mixed. Some people saying GIVE ME IT NOW, others taking a hard pass.

So we had Patrick from Prairie Street bring in some curds and we got to trying.

Honestly, my life is changed for the better. I don't know how I ever lived before trying this combo.

If you like cheese curds, you HAVE to try this. If you're still hesitant about it, check out this Facebook comment that helps explain the flavor.


That's exactly what it was. And I can't wait until I eat it again.

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