If there is one person who has the right to judge another person's beer-slamming skills it's Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. The WWE Hall of Famer dissected the skills of a Milwaukee Brewers and two familiar Green Bay Packers, including future NFL Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers.

Now, any Attitude Era WWE fan will tell you nobody can do to beers what Steve Austin did. Yes, it looked like a lot of beer was being wasted every time he slammed a pair of Steve-weisers. In a clip shared by ESPN, he explained why he did it the way he did. Three simple words.

I'm in show business.

Fast forward to to Green Bay Packer offense tackle David Bakhtiari's beer-chugging moment. It's a beauty. The 6'4", 311 pound monster, who could easily pass as a WWE Superstar, suplexed two beers in mere seconds while at a Milwaukee Bucks game. I am not at all surprised by this. I'm not judging because I'm jealous at how fast the golden delight disappeared.

Stone Cold's Review:  "Nice quick gulp, A+. Big time respect there, brother!"

Let's move to the Super Bowl champion quarterback, A-aron Rod-gers. How well do you think a leather-slinging professional football quarterback can throw back a beer? Would it be as beautiful as a hail mary into an endzone for a game winning touchdown or could it be a sloppy duck?

Stone Cold's Review:  "Love Aaron, but that's a C+!"

The competition wasn't over yet because,at the same game, Christian Yelich (Milwaukee Bucks' outfielder) proved his skills which earned SCSA's approval.

Stone Cold's Review:  "This kids got a future. I can work with that. Lots of upside!"

It's worth noting I'm build a collection of Rockford-area folks proving their own beer-chugging skills so be watching for that. Until then, watch the video I just decribed.

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