Is it just me or do drive-thrus sometimes end up taking WAY more time than just going inside?

Yesterday I got Chick-fil-A and I went through the drive thru to save time. I opened the bag and my order was wrong. So I had to pull around, go inside, and get my correct order. I got a new bag of food, and headed on my way again only to have to turn around because they forgot the best part, the sauce.

Moral of the story, drive-thrus aren't as convenient as we think they are. And Chick-fil-A was actually ranked as having the longest wait time. Here's the whole list from slowest to fastest according to the 2019 QSR study -

  • Chick-fil-A - Wait time: 322.98 seconds
  • McDonald's - Wait time: 284.05 seconds
  • Hardee's - Wait time: 266.34 seconds
  • Arby's - Wait time: 263.46 seconds
  • KFC - Wait time: 243.73 seconds
  • Carl's Jr. - Wait time: 240.51 seconds
  • Taco Bell - Wait time: 240.38 seconds
  • Burger King - Wait time: 235.48 seconds
  • Wendy's - Wait time: 230.38 seconds
  • Dunkin' - Wait time: 216.75 seconds

So looks like either way I would've had a bit of a wait at Chick-fil-A.

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