Robbery is inexcusable any way you look at it but when someone steals from a store that makes cupcakes the week of Christmas, that's just plain mean.

Seriously folks, who's the Grinch here? According to the sugarjones facebook page, someone burgled their Fairview location yesterday morning.

While the robbery is bad enough, what happened next is the icing on the (cup)cake.

The post reads:

"The jerk who stole my laptop also took with him/her all our orders for this week (why, I don't know)!! They had not been entered into the computer (and saved to Dropbox) yet so I literally have no idea what they are!!"

Long story short, if you placed an order for cupcakes from sugarjones on Fairview, you might want to send a message or call right away to make sure they will be ready by Christmas.

If you know anything about the robbery that occurred at sugarjones yesterday morning contact Rockford police immediately.

That laptop stealing Grinch deserves to spend Christmas behind bars.