I never knew I could love a photo of a taco so much but OMG I do.

Taco Betty's arrived in Rockford a few years ago and pretty much everyone loves it.

My personal favorite item is the berry margarita, and I tend to order the taquitos every time I eat there because despite the fact that I like to eat at Taco Betty's, I don't truly love tacos.

Taco Betty VIA Instagram
Taco Betty VIA Instagram

Until today. And I fell in love with this BLT Taco from the moment I saw it.

I mean, C'MON. tomato chutney, hickory smoked thick cut bacon, heirloom tomatoes and garlic aioli? In a taco shell?

I seriously am upset I have so much to do today and that I'm not allowed to spend money this week because I would be on my way over there the minute they open to try this out.

I reached out to TB's to ask about the BLT and was told it's a special their currently testing to see if it should be on the menu.

Um. Yes. It NEEDS to be on the menu.

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