There's nothing better than being excited to go to work every day because you just love what you do.

That is most definitely the case for our brand new teacher of the week. She makes the classroom such a great experience one of her students came home one day and asked to write a nomination letter for his teacher to be our next Teacher of The Week.

Congratulations to Kellie Kim from Cherry Valley Elementary! She was nominated by parent Ashly Dowell and the nomination letter reads -

I cannot say enough good things about Kellie Kim at Cherry Valley Elementary. She is so upbeat and excited about what she does and the successes the students have. She has been working with my son for 2 years and we absolutely love her. She is so positive and encouraging. She helps to build up confidence and makes the kids want to do their best. Every time I speak to her about my son it is clear in her words and actions that she absolutely love what she does.  My son comes home all the time saying how much fun he has with Mrs. Kim, even on activities he struggles with. Mrs. Kim is quick to point out positives about the students and their work even if it is something they struggle with. If there were more teachers like her in schools it would have an amazing effect on the students. She always tells me to call her anytime with any questions or concerns, and even gave me her cell phone number to do so. She recently let my son call me from school to tell me what a good job he did on testing, and that he exceeded his spring goal. You could tell from her voice how proud and excited she was of his success.  My son Brayden Dowell came home saying he wanted to nominate her and I think he is absolutely right, she is amazing and deserves recognition for a job well done and all of the positive effect she has on students. My son says he loves her and always looks forward to working with her every day!

After a phone call with Kellie, we could tell how much she truly loves teaching. We got to surprise Kellie with a delicious cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist.

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