I feel like there's two types of students - the type of who loves math, and the type who hates math.

But even though there's two types of students when it comes to math, it's still one of the most important subjects we learn in school. So having an awesome math teacher makes it that much better when you're a student who might struggle.

Our new Teacher of The Week makes math relatable for his students by using examples from video games and Tik Tok. Which he said the kids really enjoy and understand more.

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Congratulations to our brand new Teacher of The Week Mr. Wolf from Byron Middle School!

Mr. Wolf was nominated by student Liliana Ramons and the nomination letter reads -

Mr. Wolf is so inclusive of everybody and is so nice to everyone. He is not only a good teacher but is a good person too. He teaches math and to be honest with u I despise math but he makes it so enjoyable. And I’m not kidding u everybody likes him. Even the mean kids. He also listens to the rock band, Pierce The Veil and plays video games so he actually knows what we’re talking about unlike most teachers. Mr. Wolf actually cares about our mental health and how we're feeling that day. He even has tattoos from legend of Zelda! He works so hard and I really think he deserves to be the teacher of the week.  I know you get a lot of submissions but I’m telling you if you give the teacher of the week to him it would mean so much. Oh and did I mention it’s his first year at this school!

How awesome is that letter? We got to deliver Mr. Wolf a delicious bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes and a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist.


Congrats again Mr.Wolf!

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