Being a teacher is so much more than just going to work every day and doing your job. There's so much passion, drive, and commitment to education that backs every teacher. Our new Teacher of The Week truly goes above and beyond for her kindergarteners.

Congratulations to Sandra Santamaria from Washington Academy in Belvidere!

Sandra was nominated by Abbey Shale and her nomination letter reads -

Sandra is a kindergarten teacher who always goes the extra mile to engage her students and make sure that they are all learning; even when completely online last semester. This semester is in person, and with a shortage of teachers, Sandra took on a class size of nearly 25 kindergartners. A class size of little ones this large requires even more energy and effort and Sandra does so and more. She also goes above and beyond in creating fun activities for her students and ensuring they always have the supplies they need (and that they are in a safe, clean environment!), even when these items come from her own pocket. Sandra is an amazing, selfless teacher and deserves to be a little pampered with these gifts.

We got to surprise Sandra with a beautiful floral arrangement from Broadway Florist and delicious bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.


Congrats again Sandra! This is so well deserved.

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