If you've seen great outdoor Halloween decorations we sure would love to know about them. Here are the two AMAZING displays I saw on Saturday.

If the city of Rockford was to have some sort of Halloween decorating contest, I believe these would the hard-to-beat houses.

Halloween Season is Packed with Family Fun in the Stateline

Weather was good on Saturday we had to pack in some outdoor fall stuff. First, we hit Edward's Apple Orchard for some donuts and a jug of cider, we left with donuts, cider, bacon jam, fudge, cheese, caramel apples, 3 bars of soap, body wash and a big jar of red gourmet popcorn.

Next stop was The Pumpkin Patch for some corn cannon shooting, corn maze calorie burning, goat feeding and the yearly photo in front of the pumpkin.

Next stop was back home so our two youngest could get their costumes on for a 'Trunk or Treat' event.

Since everyone was still on a sugar high, we decided to drive around and look for houses with cool Halloween displays around their homes.

The first house we checked out was the CREEPIEST display. This house is so well decorated, it was even featured on TV last year.

Last year, we just looked at this house from our car, this year we were invited to take a closer look.

The walk up the driveway was going so well, until we got close to a pickup truck near the garage. That's when

some crazy things jumped out from underneath the truck and our six-year-old jumped straight up into my arms and said "let's get out of here."

You'll find this creepy display at the intersection featured in the photo below

The other house I wanted to share with you has a very COOL elaborate light and video display all synchronized to a playlist you can tune in on your car radio while you're checking out the visual. Until this house, I'd only seen displays like this around Christmas.

That eye stares at you from above the garage freaked us out a little.

This house has a small radio transmitter that broadcasts the music to which the lights are synchronized.

You'll find this cool display at the intersection featured in the photo below

There are so many houses that really go all out with their Halloween displays. If you know of one, please let us know where to find it.

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