Nothing brings out a city's unsavory smells like high temperatures and 80% humidity. We asked our listeners which smells were the worst, here's what they said.

1. Riverview Ice House & Carlson Ice Arena

The 5 Worst Rockford Summer Smells
Holly Lenger via Facebook

While you don't need the heat and humidity for sweaty hockey gear to smell bad, once you throw that in the mix... God Awful. And that smell will never leave your car.

2. Stairwell of the State Street Parking Ramp

On hot Summer nights, RaRa Zissler says it smells like "urine, cigarettes and B.O.."

3. Highway 251 Between the 2 Landfills by Gensler's

Linda Jo has some great advice for the next time you're in this area, "don't dare open your mouth for fear that you will taste it!!!!" 😷😷😨

4. Bypass 20 Bridge over the Kishwaukee River

Dead fish in the Kish.

Speaking of fish, I don't think Denise understood that we were looking for specific places, but she sure makes her point.

The 5 Worst Rockford Summer Smells
via Facebook

5. Mondelez Candy Plant on Forest Hills Rd.

While the smells from the plant aren't always horrible one of them certainly is. One listener said that when they're producing anything minty you can't breath and your eyes water up.

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