We're pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence is with Coldplay's Chris Martin, but that hasn't stopped her from spilling her man requirements to "Vanity Fair."

The man focus of Jennifer's interview was about the nude photo scandal she was a part of earlier this year, which is strange because in the photos from the article, she's pretty much naked in a pool with a parrot.

In addition to sharing her opinion on the leaked pics, Jennifer also outlined the five things she wants in a man.

  1. "A guy who loves reality TV" - Her faves include "Dance Moms," "Shark Tank," and any "Real Housewives"
  2. "A guy willing to bare his soul and his bodily functions" - Farts are a pretty strange requirement, but whatever you want Jennifer.
  3. "A guy willing to really eat" - Jennifer sneaks Slim Jims into award shows... she doesn't want vegans, gluten-free guys or people afraid to eat carbs.
  4. "A guy like Larry David... or maybe Larry David" - Eww, really Jennifer? I mean, yeah I'm all about hanging out with only funny people, but you should not be physically attracted to Larry David.
  5. "A guy who's not up for an argument" - She doesn't like fighting, she thinks it's unattractive.

So... what do you think of the big J.Law list?

I dunno about caring whether or not someone wants to fart in front of me, that seems more like something you deal with than actually want in a relationship. But everyone's different.

My list would probably be more like: must be taller than me, funnier than me, sportier than me, hungrier than me, and can handle my silliness.

What's on your list?