It's time to dust off your wallet, check the balance on all of your credit cards, and maybe grab some boxing gloves because Black Friday is just a little over a week away; and just because I don't engage in the festivities doesn't mean I don't want you to get the best deals on all of your gifts and more importantly, come out of it alive.

If you've already been making plans to fight the crowds but don't exactly have a game plan; maybe this will be of some help. A survey by Wallethub has revealed the best retailers for Black Friday deals, based on the average discount by the retailer. These are the top five in the Stateline area:

1. JC Penny - average discount of 68%

2. Kohl's - average discount of 66.7%

3. Macy's - average discount of 56%

4. Kmart- average discount of 50%

5. Meijer - average discount of 39%

For more discounts and to find which retailers have the worst discounts, you can check here.

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