When you need romance in your life, you should probably check out one of these five Rockford restaurants.

If you've never used Yelp, it's a website that is populated by user reviews. If you are looking for something specific you'd use the handy search bar at the top of the site to find it.

So I decided to type in "romantic" to find out the most romantic restaurants in Rockford. How Yelp decides the list from top to bottom of "most romantic," is a mystery to me.

Nevertheless, here's the list.

1. Abreo Restaurant

One Yelp user says, "We had to share a table with other customers so it hardly felt romantic for me and my hubby as we could clearly hear their conversation the whole time."

That's not a good start. Somebody complaining about the lack of romance and it was ranked as #1 on the list. Something might be wrong here.

2. Five Forks Restaurant

This Yelp user says, "Five Forks is my go-to restaurant for a romantic date night, although I would certainly eat there every day if I could!"

Yelp comes through on this one. It appears, at least according to that reviewer, Five Forks is romantic.

3. Franchesco's Ristorante

This Yelper, in a massive run-on sentence, says "The staff was very nice they make sure everything was in order to remove silverware and plates that didn't need to be in our table the waitress was nice it was a very nice romantic atmosphere."

The list appears to have corrected itself, despite that user's overuse of "nice."

4. Kuma's Asian Bistro

According to this Yelp review, "I like To go here with a couple of girlfriends or with my husband for a romantic date."

Hard to disagree with this users assessment of Kuma's when it comes to romance. I'm feeling much better about the list now.

5. Sahara Place Restaurant

This Yelp user says, "Came with a good basket of warm pita bread for dipping.  Atmosphere is bright, bordering on stark.  No romantic mood lighting here."

A complaint about the lack of romantic mood lighting at Sahara qualifies the place as "romantic?" I don't know who to believe anymore.

All in all, it's tough to trust Yelp's keywords when searching for a romantic restaurant in Rockford.

Best advice is to find someone that can make even the most unromantic restaurant in Rockford amazing strictly because of their company.

Sappy I know, but it's the truth.

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