Just when you thought you knew of the best place for "haunts" during the Halloween season, a new contender is trying to steal the crown.

Truth be told, I've never heard of this place until today, but it sounds kinda awesome, creepy, and terrifying all at the same time, and you know what? Not all that new. Just new to me I guess.

It's called Raven's Grin Inn in Mount Carroll and according to Thrillist, it's the "most haunted place" in Illinois.


Have you ever wanted to wander through the mind of a madman? The owner of this haunted nook, the name of Jim Warfield, is mad in all the right ways. He's turned his house -- he does actually live there -- into a maze of his spooky art, prop gags, and a not-so-safe-but-exhilarating three-story slide into the haunted wine cellar. You'll laugh as much as you scream as he guides you through his ever-changing life's work.

Raven's Grin Inn is open year-round but they're definitely busier right now more than any other season.

Haunted Illinois called Raven's Grin Inn an "amazing attraction" and "an event you must see for yourself.

About 60 miles from Rockford, Raven's Grin Inn is open from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. every day except Wednesday. Admission is $15 and kids 9 and under are $13.

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