We asked what non-sexual things really turn you on and while mostly women responded, a few men ridiculously chimed in too. See what people had to say.

We're all unique individuals and what gets us excited is just as diverse. I wanted to know what non-sexual things really turn others on for two reasons. One, to demonstrate just how wonderfully different we all are and to get ideas of new things to experience or to pay closer attention to for more excitement.

The Non-Sexual Things That Really Turn Us On

Name something that's non-sexual that turns you on

Here are some of my favorites from those who responded.

  • The smell of my hubby after he has been using his chainsaw
  • Oberweis chocolate milk
  • A trophy buck getting within bow range
  • The rattle of a Harley
  • Singing 80's pop hits while eating burgers
  • Guys wearing baseball caps backwards
  • A ridiculously clean bathroom
  • Breakfast with my husband Walter, on Sunday mornings
  • Freshly washed linens
  • Consistency
  • Two stroke snowmobile
  • Church bells on Sunday
  • Jake Brakes
  • Bed time
  • New sponge in the sink

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