Flashback to 2016, when I had one of the most delicious burgers of my entire life.

I was in Manhattan, New York for a quick weekend trip with my wife when she and I stumbled upon Shake Shack.

I'd heard good things, but I was unprepared for what awaited me. The food was awesome. At the time, I was unaware of just how many locations they had nationwide but I knew that I needed Shake Shack in my life more than just once in a while.

I need Shake Shack near me. That's why in 2018, I want a Shake Shack location in Rockford. I'll take an announcement of an impending restaurant opening.

Shake Shack is more than just burgers. It's burgers, chicken, dogs and more.

Sure, Yelp users complain about the service "kinda slow" and other say Shake Shack "is fair at best."

I'll take the slow service, and fair at best food, it's just, if I'm going to make a New Year's Resolution for 2019, it's I want to see a Shake Shack in Rockford.

Now, let's make it happen.

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