For years Chicagoans have been ranked VERY low on the list of accents in the United States. However, this year, everything changes. The Chicago accent is ranked FIFTH on the list of sexiest accents in the US.

The top 5 are -

  1. Texas
  2. Boston
  3. New York
  4. Maine
  5. Chicago

Number 5 is really good considering it's out of 50! But I was curious ... why do people think a Chicago accent is even sexy? I've always heard it's annoying.

So I did some research ... what's so sexy about the accent? Owlcation's website details -

Credit Owlcation
Credit Owlcation

I've realized Chicagoans basically talk like big babies.

"Hey, MAHM, at TREE pm can you help me CAUGHT up DAT LIDDLE PITCHER?"... sounds like a 5 year old!

Here's to talking ridiculous and sounding sexy doing it.

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