Sunflowers have taken over the Internet, everywhere you go.... on social media... you're seeing sunflowers. And you might not know that there are actually two sunflower farms in the Stateline.

Last week we heard about the sunflower maze in Hebron, but you know what? It's not the only one!

There's another sunflower farm that you can visit, and it's in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Skelly's Farm Market is that farm in Janesville.

I went there yesterday and OMG being in a field of sunflowers was an experience I've never had before.

If you're in a bad mood especially, you should go visit.

I dare you to stay in a bad mood surrounded by yellow giant flowers. I DARE YOU.

They also have donuts and coffee and a store to shop in, but let's face it, the sunflowers are the reason for the visit.

They're only in bloom for a few more weeks so clear your schedule and drive on over there.

They're open from 9am - 6pm every day and have different packages available for entry.

Plus, gas is cheaper in Wisconsin.

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