The four men that burglarized this 94-year-old woman's home deserve the swiftest and strongest karma the good Lord can deliver. And, you know it's coming.

This story just breaks my heart. I know we live in a world where crime is everywhere, but this burglary just hit me differently today. Maybe it's because I fear things like this happening to my own mother.

Four thieves robbed a 94-year-old Beloit woman while she was home. They took complete advantage of her vulnerability in the worst way. The first guy rang her doorbell and when she answered, he just walked right in and began to distract her with a story of doing work at one of her neighbor's homes. He knocks on her window to continue to distract her while three other men sneak in through another door. They took cash and thousands of dollars of jewelry, all while she was distracted and looking the other way.

It appears as if these criminals were not aware that she has surveillance cameras inside and outside her home. My hope is that the recording will help police catch these guys. The victim wishes to remain anonymous but she did chat with Eyewitness News in the video below. You'll also see her security camera footage.

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