If you've ever been stuck with the conundrum of what to get your child's teacher for the holidays or maybe at the end of the year to say "thank you" for putting up with your precious little angel, let me help you settle that issue for you once and for all.  It's no longer apples, a school house shaped Christmas ornament or anything stuffed into a coffee mug; nope. It's wine; brutally honest wine.

Not just any bottle of wine. A bottle of wine complete with your child's face on the label and a little message of truth, "Our child might be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us."

Best Gift for Teachers Ever

Despite the fact that you're asking your child to bring alcohol to school, unless you bring it in yourself during the next parent/teacher conference, this is a pretty hilarious idea. So hilarious, in fact, that I don't think it should stop at teachers.  I might just get a bottle for Steve Shannon with my face on the label. What do you think?

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to say "thank you" this is it. You can click and create your very own atPersonalWine.com.



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