You can own the most Wisconsin thing ever but you will need to make room in the garage if you want it.

Wisconsin is known for cheese and fireworks so why not combine both, kind of. Can we compare something jet-powered to fireworks? What if we compared it to one of those massive fireworks you would see at Rockford's Fourth of July celebration? If that is the case then yes, it is absolutely comparable considering the fire, smoke, and noise that comes with this unique vehicle.

If there is someone in your life who loves little toys like this and you don't want him or her to know you came across this, you might want to clear your browser history. It's either that or clear some space in the garage because the "cheese-n-ator" is the mecca of all things Wisconsin.

Yes, the "cheese-n-ator" is 100% not fake news.

Dieter Sturm via Facebook Marketplace

This absolute one-of-a-kind adult toy is a custom-built jet-powered cheese wedge and it's for sale in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It comes with a built-in afterburner and a flame thrower! The turn-key car (?) will definitely bring fire, smoke, and a whole lot of noise. It also has a normal engine to drive without the jet running, up to about a whopping 25 miles per hour.

Dieter Sturm via Facebook Marketplace

According to the Facebook Marketplace post, the body is like a miniature monster truck body.

Dieter Sturm via Facebook Marketplace

The price tag? $10,000. It's a hefty price but imagine the smile on the person you gift it to and the hours of life-risking fun that follows.

You can find it HERE while it lasts.

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