Maybe we knew something the rest of the world didn't when Taco Bell won the award for Rockford's favorite Mexican Restaurant.

Because reports show Taco Bell as being the healthiest fast food chain.

A Woman Found This in her Taco Bell Nachos, Gross
Elijah Nouvelage, Getty Images

While Rockford was mocked for it's choice nationally, we were clearly on to something.

Maybe we believed that Taco Bell would eventually be recognized now for what it is, a healthy alternative.

According to Business Insider, "Taco Bell now offers so much more than the traditional menu we’re used to. There is now a low-calorie “Fresco” menu, a high-protein “Cantina” menu, and a vegetarian menu certified by the American Vegetarian Association."

Further reading revealed something I never noticed about Taco Bell and their changes toward a healthier menu, the chatter.

Taco Bell doesn't tout their healthy choices, it's just part of the menu which I like. Kind of makes me wish they would've made a billboard about that 10 years ago.

It would've kept Rockford off of Tosh.O.

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