Anyone that is a legal smoker from the ages of 18-20 can take a small cough of relief as the "Tobacco 21" Bill has FAILED to pass the Illinois House. So grab that victory smoke and burn away. Just don't get too comfortable because this fight is NOT over.

According to, "Because the measure received more than 47 votes, the sponsor of the bill has postponed consideration. That means the legislation can be reconsidered and could be up for another vote as soon as Wednesday."

As a former smoker, I can tell you that this is biggest bunch of crap I've seen since the NUTS Act was introduced on the House floor.

No, I am not promoting smoking to the young people of this state. Matter of fact the first thing I'd tell them is to quit while you still can. But, sorry people. Your dumb bill will not change a thing. I was buying cigarettes at the age of 13. It's pretty easy to do.

The argument of 'protecting our kids' is also a bunch of crap. First off, they never wait till they're 18 to start smoking. Well, most of them don't anyway. Second, these are legal adults (at the age of 18) and not kids. Who the hell are you to tell an adult they can't do something because you think they shouldn't.

You want to raise the age of becoming a legal adult to twenty-one then fine. But, your 'preventative bills' are a slippery slope. Ever seen Minority Report?

I would like to take this time to warn the young peeps. DON'T SMOKE! It will be one if not the worst decision you can make. But, I am not your mother. As long as your an adult, smoke away my friends. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

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