Before you think you know what #1 is... spoiler alert - avocado toast didn't make the list. Clearly millennia's didn't eat enough of it this year, maybe 2019 it will make its comeback. Grubhub releases a list every year of the top 10 food trends. So what are we eating the most of this year? Lets take a look the top 10 -

  1. Bean burrito
  2. Poke
  3. Chicken slider
  4. Baby back pork rib
  5. Chicken burrito
  6. Chicken sandwich
  7. Cauliflower rice bowl
  8. Chicken and waffle slider
  9. Parmesan chicken
  10. Buffalo cauliflower

Well... here's what I've gather after looking at this list. We love burritos. Vegans are slowly but surely taking over. And cauliflower is the new avocado toast. According to Bustle -

Grubhub was able to reach these conclusions by analyzing the millions of orders placed by 16 million users on their online and mobile marketplace. It turns out, when we don't feel like venturing in the kitchen during a Netflix binge, we're all ordering the same things on Grubhub.

This list has me curious... what happened to the ancient art of just ordering a pizza?

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