If you haven't been to Brookfield Zoo in a while, well now I'm giving you two more reasons you need to visit. The birth of the two Red River Hog piglets.

They're so ugly but cute.

Just look at all that hair!I never knew hogs could be so furry.

Heck! I had no idea there was such a animal as Red River Hogs.

According to ABC7, the baby piglets were born only a couple of weeks ago on August 18th. The piglets, yet to be named, "can now be seen outdoors at the Habitat Africa! The Forest" along with their parents Charlotte and Little B.

Awww... I think I trip to the zoo this weekend might be in order. It's going to be great weather. Not to hot and not to cool, but just right. I'm sure you'll see the little piglets roaming about.