I think at this point in the COVID-19 pandemic we are all preparing ourselves for a much more low-key holiday season.

More holiday shopping will be done online. There will be less parties and events to attend. Family celebrations will be smaller this year. Thinking about all the holiday traditions we won't be able to do this Christmas thanks to COVID-19 can get a tad depressing, so let's flip the switch and think about what we CAN do instead!

We CAN still still celebrate the holidays with those closest to us. We CAN make new traditions with our family this year, and we CAN still enjoy two of Rockford's most beloved holiday events; the Festival of Lights and All Aglow at the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens.

Obviously, the Festival of Lights has always been 'socially distanced' before being socially-distanced was cool, so the event won't change much in 2020, which is awesome! Last year the Festival of Lights saw record attendance numbers, and you've got to believe it will be another record year in 2020. Make sure you allow plenty of time  to wait in line to tour the beautiful, glowing lights.

Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens is still scheduled to kick off their 2020 All Aglow holiday celebration on November 27th, but the way it operates may change slightly as opening day nears when it comes to spending time with the lights INSIDE of the Conservatory and the activities that take place there. The one thing that WON'T change is the beautiful displays set up outside on the Conservatory's grounds, which my family makes a point to see every single year.

Here's the schedule for the 2020 Festival of Lights at Sinnissippi Park so you can mark it on your calendar now;

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