There's somebody in Rockford right now wandering around with a winning lottery ticket.

The ticket is worth $350,000 according to Eyewitness News. It is also said to have been purchased at Mobil on 2622 Charles Street and "All five numbers were matched - 01 - 17 -25- 26 - 40 - to win the jackpot."

How does this happen? How does someone play the Illinois Lottery, pick their numbers, pay for the ticket and never make a claim to scoop up their winnings?

Thankfully Illinois Lottery folks are a patient people. Winning tickets can be turned in up to a year after the numbers are announced. Jackpot prize tickets need to be claimed no later than 60 days after the draw date according to

Interestingly, if you win a big prize and claim after the 60-day window, you can only "claim the prize as an annuity, which will be paid out over 26 years."

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