Take a look at the bedroom set above; isn't it beautiful?

This is my mom's new bedroom set; she and my stepdad replaced it after having a mahogany sleigh bed set for nearly 7 years.

They've always had the nicest, top of the line furniture and I coveted that bedroom set for as long as they had it; unfortunately I couldn't afford it when she sold it on Facebook but it sounds like it went into good hands.

Once they had their new furniture delivered, my mother couldn't wait to share a photo of it for all of us to admire.

Cindy Lund-Sieffert via Facebook
Cindy Lund-Sieffert via Facebook

Shortly after it was posted, my cousin Ryan sent me a screen shot of the post and he highlighted a few grammar and spelling mistakes. Take a look and see if you can spot them.

Do you see it? Yes, there's more than one, but this is the one that got me.

"can't wait to try our new tempura pedicure adjustable bed..."

I could not stop laughing.

Cindy Lund-Sieffert via Facebook
Cindy Lund-Sieffert via Facebook

There's something you should know about my mom- grammar, spelling and punctuation are not her strong suit. I often joke that I could turn her run-on sentence text messages into a game where people would have to try and figure out what she's really trying to say.

But, since she's not here to defend herself, we'll just say she was using talk-to-text and auto correct just wasn't there for the assist. Love you mom.

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