For some people, the most exciting part of the work day is their lunch break. Nothing particularly exciting happens. It's just the part of their day when they get a break from work and get to enjoy a meal. One Chicago man had an extra exciting lunch break over the weekend.

The Chicago Sun Times details -

David Lukauskas was taking a break in his South Loop office when he saw an unusually large bird flying by his window. Lukauskas was able to capture video of a bald eagle flying around his office building, at 329 West 18th Street, with about 10 seagulls following it. Wednesday, he posted it to his Facebook page and a South Loop Facebook group.

While infrequent, eagles do sometimes make their way to the windy city.

Check out the video -

It's not as uncommon as a lot of people might think to see an eagle flying around the sky in the city. But it's always a cool sight to see. Especially when Chicago seagulls get involved.

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