Check out this video of the 1985 Chicago Bears including Walter Payton playing in their Rock band.

Growing up around Chicago, it was difficult being a sports fan, especially in the '80s. The teams weren't very good and that's being nice. They all downright sucked. It had been decades since any one of them won a championship or came even close.

Then finally, the Chicago Bears started to build something special. Not only did they start winning, but they also brought in some fun players. They were skilled and full of personalities. The fans loved players like Jim McMahon, Walter Payton, Mike Singletary, and Richard Dent to name just a few.

The 1985 squad was one of the greatest NFL teams of all time. They became "Rock Stars" after winning the Super Bowl. Even when they played out of town, people flocked to see them.

It was a great era to be a fan. The kids today only know of paying for autographs. Back then, you didn't have to pay for any. The players would make free appearances all over the city. Even the big stars. I  have the whole team and didn't spend a dime.

A group of players came to my high school for a charity basketball game against our teachers. That would never happen now.

Of course, everyone knows about the Super Bowl Shuffle, Besides that, there was an actual Chicago Bears Band. Not too many people nowadays know about the Chicago 6. It was a group formed during the offseason which included members of the Bears and Blackhawks.

According to,

"The band's original lineup Hampton on bass, Hall of Fame running back Walter “Sweetness” Payton on drums, defensive back Dave Duerson playing trumpet alongside Blackhawks players Troy Murray on tenor saxophone and Curt Fraser and Gary Nylund shredding on electric guitars got together to jam."

At the time, they would sell out shows all over Chicagoland. I recall seeing them headline a festival.

If you've never got to see them live, here's your chance for a little sample. Check out this video of a performance "From '80s to Everything" Facebook page...

That's really cool. Payton could really bang on those drums and belt out a tune.

Recently, Dan Hampton put the band back together. Now, he's joined by Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael. To find out more, HERE.

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