You can definitely file this under: 'Things You Don't Get To See Very Often'. This is also something I forgot that I learned in my middle school biology class.

Male Pregnancy

It's a pretty touchy subject. Things would be very different in our little mammal bubble if men were the ones to carry and deliver the babies.

"If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." Gloria Steinam

Some women have gone so far as to say that civilization would cease growing if men were the ones who got pregnant.


There is only one species on Earth (that we know of) where the males are the ones that carry and birth the babies.


Seahorses and a close relative, sea dragons, are it. The female transfers her eggs to the male, where they’re fertilized and nourished during development. This is a fact I learned many years ago and had completely forgotten about until this week.

The Brookfield Zoo in Illinois shared a video of one of their seahorses in labor and it is a fascinating watch.

The seahorse in this video is a Dwarf Seahorse and you can see exactly when the contractions start to bring 9 baby seahorses, called fry, into the world.

Another way they're different than us mammals, the baby seahorses are immediately self-sufficient and need no further care from mom or dad.

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