The first few seconds of this video aren't that exciting, but wait for it. It does not disappoint.

If you want to make sure I watch your video, shoot it from high above. I love all drone videos and footage shot from the top of big buildings. It's a vantage point we just don't get to see very often. Plus, I'm afraid of heights, so the only way I'm seeing Lake Michigan like this is from a camera. This video was shot with WGN TV's camera on top of the Chicago's Hancock center.

The first nineteen seconds of this first video of ice breaking away on the shore of Lake Michigan is kind of boring, so much so, that you might turn it off. Don't. Watching ice floes break away is cooler than you think.

If you thought the ice breaking into little pieces was cool, watch this next video. The same camera on top of the Hancock Center caught a giant piece break off and drift away.

Watching this happen also makes me feel like Woodstock Willie got it right on Groundhog's Day... Spring is almost here.


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