'Louise', a peregrine falcon, spent last spring on top of the Rockford Register Star tower. A live video feed showed her courtship and the birth of her babies. She's back.

Yes, Louise has returned to her perfect perch high atop downtown Rockford. Besides a glimpse of how things happen in the animal kingdom, the live video feed also give you a great view across the Rock River.

New this year, is Louise's male companion, Lil Kool.

Watching 'Louise' The Falcon's Video Feed is Your New Rockford Obsession
Screen capture provided by the Rockford Register Star and rrstar.com

Nobody knows what happened to her partner from last Spring, Gigi. During our conversation with Kristen Zambo from the Register Star, she gruesomely speculates as to what happened to Gigi.

Here is your rabbit hole warning. Much like eating a bag of chips, you won't be able to just watch this live video feed for just a 'handful' of minutes. You'll be watching all day. Here's the live video feed link.

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