I've you've never watched the livestream of the Peregrine Falcons on top of the Rockford Register Star building while they're in town then you're missing out. From finding a mate, to hatching the eggs, to raising the chicks, to volunteer flight tests, the entire story of the Rockford Peregrine Falcons is incredible.

Guilford High School student Jackie Kuroda, started a campaign a year ago to name the falcon the city bird. Well, congrats Jackie! Because Rockford officially has a city bird - The Peregrine Falcon.

The RRSTAR details -

Announcement of the symbolic designation was made at a news conference Friday at Indoor City Market, across the street from where the first breeding pair of peregrine falcons in Winnebago County produced eggs in 2018 atop the Register Star News Tower.

The star of the live stream is the mother bird Louise. She's hatched 7 chicks these past 2 years with her bird boo Lil Kool.

It's a huge success story in itself considering the Peregrine Falcon was on the endangered species list in Illinois just five years ago. Check out the livestream here. Here's one of my favorite sneak peeks into the falcon lives -

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