At least once a month Aldi has a new item that seems too good to be true, like floating wine glasses for less than three dollars. We tried them out to see if they're worth searching for.

Vacations are good for your soul and so are wine glass experiments!

Ok, so maybe just experiments with plastic glasses... and when I saw that Aldi was selling floating wine glasses I knew I have to bring some to my friends, Hector and Melissa when I visited them this summer.

First note. I never check a bag at the airport but when I realized that these glasses are basically daggers on the bottom, I had to check my suitcase.

The glasses were $2.50 each which was a pretty great price considering I saw them on Amazon for about ten bucks a piece earlier this summer. But would they float?

They did! However, the more liquid you put in the cup, the lower they sank, so I would only float them at half full.

I did not record when we did the cannonball test to see if they could handle a wave or too, the glasses stayed upright for sure, but again I would only really put my glass down if I took a handful of sips first.

The biggest flaw? The plastic is really thick so be careful if you have chapped lips the aren't super smooth when you take the glass out of your mouth.

But for that price and some fun in the sun, I would run to your closest Aldi to see if they have them in stock! I had to visit two different locations to get a matching set of four.

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