If paranormal stuff is your thing, then you must make a trip to this Wisconsin town.

I mean, I'm not afraid of ghosts... but I am lying, I'm totally afraid of ghosts, which is why I'm never going to Marshfield, Wisconsin.

There was a time where I pretended I wasn't afraid of anything and I was really tough, but then I realized that's stupid because I'm afraid of all kinds of things, especially ghosts!

What if that ghost is trying to kill me???

Ok, so, that's why I'm not going to Marshfield. But I know plenty of other people love paranormal activity, and a trip North if exactly what you need.

According to Only In Your State, Marshfield used to the home of the 'Wood County Insane Asylum,' and ghost hunters have recorded voices while on the former asylum grounds.

Creepy AF.

A bunch of people have also had different kinds of paranormal sightings, which makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about.

Ok, so aside from the asylum, there's even more weird stuff happening in Marshfield.

There's a hospital that's over 100 years old that apparently has a ghost in a black robe haunting the halls.

I will never be going there.

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