Have you ever asked a question using Google? Well, plenty of people have, and the number one question and answer regarding Illinois is rather interesting.

Think about it, what is the most common complaint about the state among Illinois residents?

My initial guess would be something money or politically based.

Illinois residents have issues with both. From the lack of lotto payouts, to funding making it to our local schools or how often Illinois governors end up in jail we all have something to complain about.

Mental Floss took a look at what most Google users think about each state in the country.

When you type into Google "Why is Illinois so" the autocomplete word is:


Mental Floss

Yikes. That is what Google users think about and what they want to know about when it comes to Illinois.

Why is Illinois so broke. I have no idea. I'm also not a politician. Thankfully, it's an election year giving us all another chance to change what we don't like for the better.