Looking forward to Friday already? Yeah, us too, and now that we know there are FREE smoothies waiting for us in downtown Rockford, we're even more pumped.

You know I love a freebie right?

I mean, duh, who doesn't, but I'll go out of my way to get a freebie... sometimes as far as painting my face green and sitting in the middle of downtown Chicago with my mom and 100 other green women... that's a different story (we were getting free tickets to see the musical Wicked like 12 years ago.)

This story is about this Friday, February 11 in downtown Rockford.

Have you heard of Ripe Life Juice Co. yet?

Maybe you're like me, you've heard of them, you continuously mean to stop by and you forget.

It happens to the best of us!

But now, we have no excuse, because they just announced that on Friday (this Friday people!) they're giving away free smoothies from 10 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon.

I know what you're thinking... how are they possibly doing this?

According to their Facebook page, this is a freebie thanks to Maurice West, a state representative hoping to get his name on the ballot this year.

Not sure how you feel mixing your smoothies with politics, but it seems like we have the perfect opportunity to pop on over and try a drink!

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