5 Things You Need to Know Tuesday - POTUS delivers SOTU, tequila can help weight loss, theater shooting trial begins, Kishwaukee college deal, and New music & movies.


The 7 things to watch for during tonight's State of the Union address. (USA Today)

igorr1, ThinkStock
igorr1, ThinkStock

How Tequila can help you lose weight. (AskMen.com)

And now, "The State of the Union Drinking Game" rules. (Business Week)

Jury selection in the Colorado theater shooting trial starts today. (USA Today)

Kishwaukee college, teachers and union reach a tentative deal. (My Stateline)

New Music Releases

"The 2015 Grammy Nominees" The Grammys are happening on Sunday, February 8th.

The album includes Iggy Azalea, Beck, the Band Perry, Beyoncé, Eric Church, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Faith Hill, Hozier, Jay Z, Miranda Lambert, John Legend, Little Big Town, Katy Perry, Sam Smith, and Taylor Swift.

"American Beauty / American Psycho", Fall Out Boy

New Movie Releases

"Lucy" - Scarlett Johansson is exposed to a drug that unlocks her brain to operate on a higher level than any human ever has.  Morgan Freeman helps her figure out where her new abilities might lead, as she's being chased by hired killers. (Trailer)

"The Drop" - Tom Hardy is a bartender at a bar that's robbed on the same night that it's randomly chosen by the mob as a drop point to launder all their dirty money.  James Gandolfini plays his cousin. (Trailer)

"Annabelle" - starring the haunted doll Annabelle that was featured in the movie "The Conjuring" and this would be the movie who's TV commercial scared the crap out of my daughter. (Trailer)



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