Every morning, before the show starts, I search for stories that restore some of my faith in humanity. Simply put, I try to fill my soul with people who don't suck.

It's easy to believe that the majority of the world is so self-centered and rarely shows kindness to others. That's a shame to me. If you believe that, then you're not looking closely. Kindness and joy are all around us, you just have to turn down the negative noise that gets most of the coverage. It's much easier find the kindness during the holiday season (aka the season kindness gets better ratings).

Let me tell you a beautiful story about Natalie Barnes, who drives a bus for the Milwaukee County Transit System. Natalie was driving her route and picked up a man named Richard, a man she'd picked up before. On this night however, Richard told Natalie that he is now homeless because the place he had been living was condemned. Richard had nowhere to go and no way to stay warm. Watch the short video below to see the amazing amount of kindness she shared with Richard. It will bring tears to your eyes.

ABC News has more on this beautiful story on their website.

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